Crow Pie

Crow Pie

Crow Pie is dedicated to telling stories that need a unique home.

Whether you’ve attended a funeral for a loved one or watched your dead goldfish circle a toilet bowl, you’ve been confronted with death. Every morning we wake up to it on the news, every year high school students cry their way through Lennie’s final moments and every autumn hunters perch in their deer stands waiting to shoot.

Crow Pie magazine contributors are exploring our first print issue’s theme of death and how we all encounter it by simply living every day. A selection of their writing, photography and more will live here to explore the inevitable through the eyes of people who work with it, professions that wouldn't exist without it and stories inspired by it.

03 BringingUpTheBodies

Bringing Up The Bodies

Words by Rachel Eva Lim // Photos by Pattrick Moosa

04 SeanWhite

Morbid Humor: a conversation with Sean White

Interview by Alica Forneret

05 Comic Herbie

Hands Up, Herbie!

Comic by Joey Perr

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