No. 1: The Death Issue

For our first issue we’re exploring death. We are looking at the inevitable through the eyes of people who work with it, profes­sions that wouldn't exist with­out it, and recipes in­spired by it. A selection of contributor writing, artwork, and more will live here to ex­plore how we experience death by simply living every day.

Where can I get some Crow Pie?

Who makes this thing?

Alica Forneret
editor & writer

Alica is a writer and eater born and raised on the citrus-lined streets of the Inland Empire. She spends her time pitching freelance stories about Vermont strippers and slaughtering. She has written for Kinfolk, Gather Journal, Remedy Quarterly, Modern Farmer, Put A Egg On It, and more. Alica is currently eating her way through the city of Edinburgh.

Kyle Sheehan
art director

Kyle has spent most of his adult life printing things, building websites, and making noises with computers. He’s gotten to do some really cool stuff for folks like Modern Farmer, Taste Talks, Neutrons/Protons, and bunches more. Known to most as a "food dumpster," the only thing Kyle loves more than eating is GIFs. On most days you can find him sweating profusely in New Orleans.

Byron Stithem
recipe developer

Byron is best known for his midwestern sensibilities and non-regional dialect. He has found himself in the employ of some respectable dining establishments around the country, though he has certainly dabbled in others that may be considered "unsavory". Byron often finds himself taking life lessons from a four year old while navigating the launch of a sake brewery in his home city of Nashville, TN.

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